Röyksopp - ‘The Inevitable End’

Röyksopp - ‘The Inevitable End’




Röyksopp will release their fifth and final album ‘The Inevitable End’ on 10th November 2014, through their own Dog Triumph via Wall Of Sound and Cooking Vinyl.

‘The Inevitable End’, is electronic music overlords Röyksopp's second album release in the space of 6 months, following the critically acclaimed mini album and sell out tour with fellow Scandinavian legend Robyn ‘Do It Again’. ’The Inevitable End' is their most personal album to date and features Jamie McDermott (The Irrepressibles), Ryan James (Man Without Country), Norwegian singer songwriter Susanne Sundfør and Robyn.

“With ‘The Inevitable End’ we've moved into a darker subject matter, with emphasis on the lyrical content.  This candid approach feels very both personal, sincere and conclusive.” says Svein, “With this album it became clear we wanted to make an album in a classical sense even if it's the last one we make,” adds Torbjørn.

Having now created five complete bodies of work, the pair feel like the future is open to being more experimental with how they share their music.


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Kids on Bridges debut album ‘Kidology’ is packed with a heavyweight cast of contributors including Dr John, Chemical Brothers producer Steve Dub, New Orleans funk drummer Zigaboo Modeliste and BAFTA award winner Jim Howick from Hellboy and Peep Show also makes an appearance!


Kids on Bridges hail from the mecca of pop music Liverpool which suits them just nicely with their upcoming album ‘Kidology’, which is full of hook-laden rock ‘n’ pop gems. They are currently blasting their way through the new music ranks which has seen them supporting Soulwax, Goldfrapp and Friendly Fires and book a slot at Bestival performing right before Beck. They have also picked up fans on the national airwaves with plays from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and Scott Mills, XFM’s John Kennedy and BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq to name just a few.


Following the critically acclaimed single ‘Walls’ which also doubled up as Wall of Sound’s 20th Anniversary theme tune (watch the video HERE) and follow up single ‘Bankers To Feed  which is released on the 29th September (watch the video HERE) the band now release the full length album ‘Kidology’ on 13th October 2014.


This is no ordinary collection of songs, as lead singer Christian Bragg explains: “The big thing we wanted to do with this album was to represent a full listening experience by creating a journey and not just a batch of songs you scan through on iTunes - hence we created interludes to set the mood and flow of the album. The album was heavily inspired by New Orleans, where we have spent a lot of time, and our hometown of Liverpool. We wanted to merge our natural Kids On Bridges sound with the positive vibes we take from both cities to give the album a unique sound and setting.”


The album was originally had the working title of ‘Trickology’, a word the band had heard Dr John use (who plays on the album no less) but later changed it to ‘Kidology’ following a mix up which resulted in the band discovering the word meant ‘the art of deception and quintessentially British’.  That definition could not have summed up the ethos of the album any better, with many of the songs examining modern Britain and the deception within news media. Album opener ‘Dear Routine’ is the perfect example of this which sees actor Jim Howick, famed for his roles in Hellboy and Peep Show, taking on spoken word duties.


Another collaborator on the album is legendary funk drummer Zigaboo Modeliste. The band first met Zig (as they now call him) whilst DJing before The Meters show in New Orleans and soon formed a friendship based on their mutual love of new electronic music. At the time he was working with Mos Def and Mark Ronson on a track for the Grammys, but the band soon managed to get him hooked on their album demo tracks which he described at the time as “electro voodoo rock”.  Following that, Kids On Bridges were asked to remix one his tracks and before they knew it were jamming out album tracks of their own with the legendary drummer in a London studio.


Finishing up the heavyweight collaborators list is Chemical Brothers producer Steve Dub who worked closely with the band in the studio to realize their forward vision for ’Kidology’ making it the album it is today - which is one which stands out from the crowd and demands to be heard. 






 Do It Again Cover

Röyksopp and Robyn have hit #1 on the iTunes Electronic chart in over 10 countries including the UK, U.S, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Canada and Japan, with their critically acclaimed mini album ‘Do It Again’, released through Dog Triumph via Wall of Sound and Cooking Vinyl. “Do It Again’ is also Top 10 on the iTunes Album chart in over 10 countries including U.S, Australia and France with a #1 chart position in Sweden. “Do It Again’ entered the Official UK Album Chart mid week at #8.
The ‘Do It Again’ mini album serves as an introduction to the new Röyksopp album. Details to be announced.
‘Do It Again’ is the first single, released on 30th June. The lyric video for ‘Do It Again’ has had over 1 million views.
The ‘Do It Again’ tour with Röyksopp and Robyn, already described as one of the most exciting tours of the Summer, begins at Sonar Festival in Spain on 13th June 2014, and includes a headline slot on the BBC Radio 6 music stage at Latitude Festival on 19th July.

Over the course of six weeks Röyksopp and Robyn have revealed each track from the mini album using a combination of online formats in anticipation of the full release. These include the DIA micro site used to announce the Summer tour, a clip of the 10 minute lead track ‘Monument,  the ‘'Do it Again' lyric video, the ‘SayIt' video premiered on H&M Life as well as remixes from Moulinex, Moby and In Flagranti.
There is still more to come in the form of a short film for first single ‘Do It Again’ and a video directed by acclaimed Swedish director Max Vitali for ‘Monument’. Both have been made in association with The Creators Project through Vice. Details to be announced.

"This 5 track mini-album is the accumulation and embodiment of the synergy between Robyn and ourselves. We've intended this to be a diverse yet cohesive and thought through musical venture; it's meant to be an expression where pop & art reign side by side." (Röyksopp)
“Svein and Torbjörn and I started working on new music in the beginning of 2013, I´ve been going back and forth to Bergen to record and write with the boys up until recently. Collaborating with S & T is something I enjoy very much. In the beginning we just knew we wanted to do something together and then it started to feel more like a band thing than songs for a Röyksopp or Robyn album so we´re releasing this music together as a band you could say.” (Robyn)

The ‘Do It Again’ mini album represents the perfect coming together of three very original musical minds.



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