Denis The Night & The Panic Party - 'Cosmic Youth' is out now!

Denis The Night & The Panic Party - 'Cosmic Youth' is out now!



 A super exciting release on 10th October: Denis The Night & The Panic Party's debut album 'Cosmic Youth'.

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Denis The Night & The Panic Party - ‘Udu’

Denis The Night & The Panic Party - ‘Udu’




We're thrilled to announce the release of the EP 'Udu' by Denis The Night & The Panic Party. Listen on Spotify or Digital Download on iTunes. 



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KILLAFLAW release debut album - 'Sleaze & Grit'

KILLAFLAW release debut album - 'Sleaze & Grit'




Exciting Liverpool 2-piece Killaflaw are at the intersection of music
where the irresistible force of rave meets the immovable object that is rock, receiving comparisons with bands such as Soundgarden, The Prodigy and a mix between Led Zeppelin and Chemical Brothers.

Killaflaw's debut album, 'Sleaze and Grit', is produced by Dave Pemberton (Chemical Brothers, Pendulum) and will be released on UK indie-dance institution Wall Of Sound. The album is a 13- track juggernaut; every song is a smash hit that blows away the cobwebs. Stand out track and lead single, 'Own Way', is out on 24th Aug. 'Own Way'' starts with an intricate rhythm (we expect nothing less) with Benn's vocals brilliantly intertwining with the beats. The bass is dirty and the vocals are raw.

A rapidly growing following soon led to a Pledge Music Campaign as fans grew desperate for the release of an album. Breaking some sort of record, in an hour they had one pledge, in 3 days they had 85% of their target and they'd reached 100% in less than a week. The campaign finished with them making 132% of their total.

Live favourite 'Set Me On Fire' topped the DMC charts in the USA after a low-key release, news of the floor filler having spread quickly around the world.

Showing a lighter, more melodic side to the band 'Set Me On Fire' still boasts a killer drop and dirty groove. Having formed close ties with Killaflaw, UK rave stalwarts Utah Saints remixed the track and speak very highly of the new album.

'Broken Idol' (released in late 2013) is a fast attack of the senses and a real highlight from the album. Title track, 'Sleaze and Grit' has a stand out chorus and a bridge to die for whilst album closer 'Black Cat', is described by Eddy Temple-Morris as Killaflaw's most exciting track.


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